Phoenix Zip Line Goldfield Ghost Town

Phoenix visit 2021

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

House Walkthrough 2 11 14

House walkthrough Dec 24th

Grayson acts like a kitty

Grayson 15mo whistling

Grayson gigglefest 7mo

Lipizzaner Stalion show

Lipizzaner Stalion show: Friesian - Elvis

Monster Truck does back flip

Logan's "brand new bag!"

Logan's first sled riding

Logan's "Doggy Daddy"

Logan's Crazy Dance

Logan Riding Roller coaster

Logan in a show @ King's Island

Sean Tucker Air Stunts

Logan commenting on the Blue Angels as they flyby

Blue Angels Mirror Stunt

Blue Angels Diamond Flyby

Aeroshell Stunt Team

Logan eating peanuts

Logan Playing with webcam

Logan, the next American Idol

Logan's 2nd Easter

Logan, Happy Birthday... CAKE!!!!

Logan and Josiah ... ROCK STARS!!!

Logan Sings Happy Birthday and Plays Guitar

Logan Singing Happy Birthday

Logan feeding birds

Logan Eating Gingerbread House

Paula Carroling

Toy Space Shuttle

Logan and his airplane

Logan Playing with Bubbles

Logan's 2nd birthday, eating a cupcake

Logan's 1st corn on the cob.

Logan talking with mommy

Logan learning to walk

Logan and the doorbell/phone

Logan playing with his toy car

Logan at Cocoa Beach

Dolphin Show, Sea Wold Orlando

Logan on the Merry-Go-Round

Logan on Easter morning.

Logan and the kitty

Logan Gone Wild!!

Logan cleaning.

Logan Opening Gifts

Logan Christmas Morning

Logan, French Fries, and Ketchup

Logan and his Franken-Pig

Logan's 1st Peanut Butter Sandwich

Logan Dancing

Baby Logan 08-08-2007